Saturday, May 25, 2024  

About us

Desh Sewak is a leading Punjabi Newspaper since 1995,  of Northern region having its strong readership presence in Punjab, Haryana, HP, Delhi and J&K. The brand has strong followers in social media from India as well as from NRI community; we are touching more than 10 lakhs people in India and aboard. 

We are thankful to all our readers and advertisers who associated with us during this long journey.

We work on one motto” Truth Alone Prevails” , We are known for  investigative and truthful news content , Also with changing time we adapt the changes happening in  society and molded our brand accordingly without compromising tradition and values that formed the foundation of  brand Desh Sewak  and that is the reason it has been well received by its readers which include political leaders, bureaucrats, business masters, policy makers, influencers, etc because of its bold and insightful focus on issues and topics confronting the current generation.