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Complaint in Raj court against Rahul's remarks on PM, hearing on Feb 23

February 20, 2024

Jaipur, Feb 20 (AGENCY):

A legal complaint seeking appropriate action against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s caste has been filed here.

The plea was filed on Monday and the metropolitan magistrate’s court-11 of Jaipur Metro-II announced February 23 as the date for hearing.

Advocate Vijay Kalandar filed the complaint which says that Rahul Gandhi's statement against PM Modi's caste has created a feeling of distrust among the various classes and communities.

In the complaint, reference has been made to the statement given by Rahul Gandhi during his Nyay Yatra where the latter had said that PM Modi "is not a born OBC".

His statement has been described as being against peace, security, unity and integrity of the country.

The complaint further stated that Rahul Gandhi publicly describes himself as a Kashmiri Pandit, whereas his grandfather belonged to a non-Hindu family. "The court has already said in many decisions that the caste of the father will be the caste of the children. Caste is by birth and cannot be changed. In such a situation, Gandhi has issued the statement by hiding his own caste due to which the religious sentiments of the complainant have been hurt. Therefore, legal action should be taken in the matter, " said the complainant.

Rahul Gandhi said, ""Narendra Modi ji was born in Gujarat in the Teli caste. His community was declared OBC by BJP in the year 2000. Your Prime Minister was not born OBC, the Prime Minister was born in the General caste. They are lying to the whole world that he was born OBC. They will not do caste census in their whole life. Caste census will be done by Congress party."



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