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Delhi teen killed as property dispute between brothers turns violent

May 22, 2024

New Delhi, May 22 (Agency) : An 18-year-old boy was killed and four others sustained injuries during a quarrel between two brothers over a property dispute in Delhi’s Shahdara area, police said on Wednesday.

The deceased was identified as Suhan while the injured were Faizan (19), Nisha (42), Imran (45), and Shamshad (28). All are residents of Rashid Market, near Shahi Masjid.

Sharing the details, police said that on Tuesday a police control room (PCR) call was received in Jagatpuri police station that there was a quarrel between the two brothers at a house in the area following which a police team rushed to the spot.

It was found that the five injured individuals had already been transported to Dr Hedgewar Hospital, where Suhan was declared dead on arrival by the doctors.

The initial investigation revealed that there is a shop in Rashid Market owned by Saied Ahmed. “Saied Ahmed has six sons, three of whom are alive: Istekaar, Julfikaar, and Imran. They all live in the same house in the area. Julfikaar runs a welding shop on the property. Imran wanted to sell the shop with the approval of his brothers, but Julfikaar objected,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Shahdara) Surendra Chaudhary.

Due to this property dispute, there has been long-standing enmity between Julfikaar and Imran and among their family members.

“On Tuesday, a quarrel broke out between them over the same issue. The matter escalated, resulting in Mursheed and Julfikaar stabbing Imran, Suhan, Faizan, Nisha, and Shamshad,” said the DCP.

During the investigation, Mursheed (33), Julfikar Ahmed and his wife Shabana have been arrested.


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