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Russians report Ukrainian strikes on energy facilities near Smolensk

April 24, 2024

Moscow, April 24

Ukraine has used drones to strike energy facilities in the Smolensk region, 400 kilometres west of Moscow, according to Russian reports.

"Our region has once again become the target of a Ukrainian drone attack," Smolensk Governor Vasily Anokhin said early on Wednesday morning.

Russian air defences were deployed, Anokhin said, adding that the attack on energy facilities had caused fires. The information could not initially be independently verified.

A drone attack was also reported in the western Russian city of Lipetsk. A drone crashed in the industrial area and there were no casualties.

Russia, which has been waging war against its neighbour Ukraine for more than two years, is increasingly coming under fire - particularly in border areas.

However, the damage and number of casualties are disproportionately compared to the carnage in Ukraine.



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