World Health Day Commemoration Programme: Desh Bhagat University Hosts Punjab State’s Health Awareness Initiative

The founding day of the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 07 April 1948 is celebrated as ‘World Health Day’ across the length and breadth of the globe. Each year, for this day, a particular theme based on World Health Organisation’s priority area is chosen. Due to the recurrent pandemic from the past two years, the theme for 2022 is “Our Planet, Our Health.”

Desh Bhagat University’s Cultural Treat on Religious Head Baba Fauza Singh’s Son’s Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. Baba Fauza Singh, religious head of Gurudwara Akaal Bunga Sahib Taksaal, Sohana, Jalandhar started a new tradition in marriage celebrations when for his own son’s marriage, instead of feisty Bhangras and Gidhas; there was a treat of cultural programme visualising our social ills and artistic yet pragmatic suggestions to curb them.

On Privatization of Chandigarh Electricity : Sukhdev Singh

The process of privatisatiion of the UT electricity department, which started with the invitation of bids last year in the month of November, has reached near its final stage on 4th of August this year with the opening of bids . 

What will our post-pandemic habitat be? - Tikender Singh panwar

This is a question that demands attention from planners, architects, and governance structures alike. The pandemic has exposed the hollowness of an already corroding system, and it merely became the proverbial “final nail in the coffin”. The disruption it has caused cannot be rectified by the usual lackadaisical approach, which cannot make our cities sustainable.

Two Agonising Years of Devastation-: Sitaram Yechury

These two years since the Modi II government was re-elected saw the consolidation of the process, with renewed vigour, put in motion seven years ago, post-2014 elections, of the realisation of the RSS project of converting India into their conception of a rabidly intolerant, theocratic, fascistic “Hindu Rashtra”. This was its declared objective on its founding in 1925. Savarkar’s coinage of “Hindutva” as a political project having nothing in common with Hindu religion that


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