Fewer cops infected in 2nd Covid wave than first

June 09, 2021 06:12 PM

Prayagraj, June 9 (Agency) : So far, 143 out of 152 police officers infected with Covid-19 in the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Prayagraj have recovered, while nine cops, including six in Prayagraj, two in Fatehpur, and one in Pratapgarh, are still receiving treatment. Since the pandemic's breakout last year, 821 policemen have tested positive for Covid-19 in four districts of the Prayagraj range, including Prayagraj, Kaushambi, Pratapgarh, and Fatehpur, according to Prayagraj range police statistics. So far, 807 of the total number of afflicted cops have recovered.

Currently, nine policemen are being treated at Covid-19 level one or two hospitals or are being held in home isolation. In the combat against Covid-19 in the range, five policemen have died so far. Incidentally, 372 policemen have tested positive for Covid-19 infection in Prayagraj district, followed by Pratapgarh (244), Fatehpur (116), and Kaushambi (89), according to range police statistics, while 365 policemen have recovered in Prayagraj, 239 in Pratapgarh, 114 in Fatehpur, and 89 in Kaushambi. In Pratapgarh, four police officers have died as a result of Covid, and one person has died in Prayagraj district so far.

“Vaccination and rigorous adherence to the Covid-19 protocol have helped cops to protect themselves from the Covid-19 infection, and just 152 cops were affected in the second wave of the coronavirus infection,” stated Inspector General of Police (Prayargaj range) K P Singh.

“In the initial Covid-19 wave last year, a total of 669 policemen tested positive, with four of them losing their lives,” he continued. The number of infected cops in the second Covid wave is a quarter of what it was in the first. 295 cops were infected in Prayagraj, 78 in Kaushambi, 101 in Fatehpur, and 194 in Pratapgarh during the initial Covid epidemic.

Meanwhile, the IG stated that a total of 14,769 police officers are stationed in the Prayagraj range, with 6,889 in Prayagraj, 2,053 in Kaushambi, 2,958 in Fatehpur, and 2,889 in Pratapgarh.

While there are 395 ongoing cases in Prayagraj, the city has also documented 927 deaths caused directly or indirectly by Covid-19. To date, 4,453 persons in the Kaushambi district have tested positive for Covid-19 infection, with 4,368 of them recovering. So far, the district of Kaushambi has reported 66 deaths and 19 active cases.

There were a total of 6,489 positive cases reported in the Fatehpur district, with 6,331 of them recovering, while the district currently has 29 active cases. So far, 129 people have died in the district. A total of 10,732 Covid-19 positive cases were reported in the Pratapgarh district, with 10,408 of them recovering. While there are presently 167 active cases in the district, there have been 157 deaths so far. Since the outbreak of the pandemic last year, 99,665 persons have tested positive for Covid-19 infection in the Prayagraj range, with 97,776 of them recovering. While there are now 610 active cases in the range, there have been a total of 1,279 deaths reported in four districts of the range.



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