Aadhar Card based COVID-19 data can help boost research  

June 09, 2021 06:16 PM

Nagpur, June 9 (Agency) : Researchers in the field of Virology have emphasised the need to seek information from all those who have received Corona-19 vaccine.

It is easy to get the feedback, as producing Aadhar Card is mandatory for getting the vaccine. A WhtasApp or any other application may be created to get the response from those who received the vaccine.

Noted Diabetologist Dr Sunil Gupta stated that those who have been inoculated may inform about developing symptoms like temperature, dissiness, vomiting etc. The application so developed will be a major source of information for the researchers.

The information is linked to Aadhar Card of the respondent. This will help in getting other details like age, sex, residence, financial status, date of inoculation, name of the vaccine etc of the respondents.  The method would help in getting data of crores of persons within a short period.

Collecting information from all parts of the country is important.

Side-effects of drugs used for treating Corona patients for the last one year, have started coming to the fore now. Those who are suffering are left with no option to bear it for their life, by either restricting their activities, changing their life style and spending huge amount on medicines and treatment of ailments born out of Covid Treatment. Those who suffer from fluctuation in blood sugar may face multiple organ failure, which is more dangerous than managing diabetes. Heart disease is another fall out of thrombosis, caused by these drugs.

Task Force comprising doctors may be given responsibility of working out on these issues. Only developing infrastructure for patients would serve the purpose partially. Claims made by various other health sciences may also be tested on modern scientific parameters, so that expenditure on treatment can be reduced.

We have been boasting of our culture, tradition, ancient scientific life style. However, this ancient Indian treasure of knowledge has not been explained in modern language, scientific terms for the benefit of the humanity across the globe.



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