One engine in Gujarat is already damaged, the other has turned old; Gujarat does not need a double-engine but a new engine government: Arvind Kejriwal

October 29, 2022 09:27 PM

- There is a new engine in market with latest technology, it works excellently; appeal to all – Vote for Aam Aadmi Party: Arvind Kejriwal

- I will fulfil every single promise once we form government and take responsibility of welfare of your entire family: Arvind Kejriwal

- AAP Government will bring benefits of at least Rs 27,000 per month to every household: Arvind Kejriwal

- Every family will save 3,000 through free electricity, 5,000 through free healthcare, 6,000 through unemployment allowance (2 unemployed members) and 3,000 through Mahila Samman Rashi (3 women): Arvind Kejriwal

- When I made a proposal to have Indian currency notes with images of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh, these people hurled a lot of abuses at me: Arvind Kejriwal

- We will work hard and bring progressive policies; however, unless and until you don't have God’s blessing, efforts do not yield rewards: Arvind Kejriwal

- These people are hurling abuses at me together, people of Gujarat will not tolerate this; they will seek revenge by pressing Jhaadu button in the elections: Arvind Kejriwal

- As per Central Government’s IB report; AAP is getting 92-93 seats as of now, give a strong push so that our tally crosses 150 seats: Arvind Kejriwal

- People of Gujarat won’t be required to pay electricity bills from March 1st; it your son's guarantee: Arvind Kejriwal

- Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will be ready next year; I will take people of Gujarat for darshan of Ram Lalla for free like Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal

- AAP Government will enforce PESA Act, Gram Sabhas will get powers and no one will purchase the adivasi land without their permission: Arvind Kejriwal

- Congress-BJP have colluded internally, beware of them; all the votes for Congress should come to AAP: Arvind Kejriwal

- Appeal to people of Gujarat – cast your vote responsibly and bring honest leaders to power for bright future of your children: Bhagwant Mann

Chandigarh/NEW DELHI/ GUJARAT/ Oct 29 : The AAP's juggernaut continues to pick up pace and move towards a historic win in Gujarat. The party has got an overwhelming reception from the people as it remains to be the only party to raise the issue affecting the common man in the poll-bound state. The party’s motivation got further bolstered with a huge footfall of people in Jansabhas. AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal held two massive Jansabhas in Gujarat's Navsari and Narmada on Saturday. Punjab CM Sardar Bhagwant Mann also remained alongside his Delhi counterpart during the Jansabhas and appealed to the people to bring a change in Gujarat by establishing an honest and development-oriented government in Gujarat, following the path of Delhi and Punjab.

Launching a veiled attack at the incumbent government, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, "One engine in Gujarat is already damaged, the other has turned old; Gujarat does not need a double-engine but a new engine government. There is a new engine in the market with latest technology, it works excellently; appeal to all – Vote for Aam Aadmi Party. I will fulfil every single promise once we form a government and take responsibility for the welfare of your entire family. The AAP Government will bring benefits of at least Rs 27,000 per month to every household. Every family will save 3,000 through free electricity, 5,000 through free healthcare, 6,000 through unemployment allowance (2 unemployed members) and 3,000 through Mahila Samman Rashi (3 women)."

At the same time Sardar Bhagwant Mann said, "I appeal to people of Gujarat – cast your vote responsibly and bring honest leaders to power for the bright future of your children."

Congress-BJP have colluded internally, beware of them; all the votes for Congress should come to AAP: Arvind Kejriwal

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Something unique is happening in Gujarat. Everyone is asking for ‘Parivartan’ wherever we are going. I have good news for you. The Central Government has a secret agency named IB which was sent to Gujarat to find out the pulse of Gujarat & who is winning in the upcoming elections. Several IB officers roamed across the state for 10-15 days. They have prepared a report as per which, AAP will form government in Gujarat in December. But the report also states that though AAP will just touch the shore of victory as it is getting 92-93 seats. If we get 92-93 seats, these people will topple the government by using illicit tricks. We have to cross 150 seats. We are 1 month away from the election. All of us have to come together and give us such a strong push that we break the record of Delhi and Punjab. People of Delhi gave us 67 out of 70 seats. BJP could only manage to get 3 seats. People of Punjab gave 92 out of 117 seats to AAP and they only gave 1 seat to BJP. Break all the records in Gujarat by giving us 150 out of 182 seats.”

He continued, “There is no doubt that we are coming to power. People are showering so much love wherever we are going. The first thing we will do is end corruption in the state. There is rampant corruption in Gujarat. These people did not show any mercy in looting Gujarat in the past 27 years. They say that the Gujarat Government is running at a loss. Why is it so? Delhi Government is running at a profit so why can Gujarat Government do the same? They have taxed everything. Be it drinking milk, eating chapati, pulse, dahi or buttermilk, purchasing mobile or petrol, using fans, all your activities are taxed. These people have collected trillions of rupees in taxes. Where did they spend this money? They gobbled up the entire money.”

He added, “Gujarat Government spends Rs 2.5 lakh crores every year. Where did they spend this money? Did they build any roads, school, hospital, college in your village in the past 27 years? They have not done anything in 27 years. They gobbled up the entire money. One of their MLA in Gujarat had merely 4 acres of land when he first contested elections. After 5 years, he owns 1 thousand acres of land today. Another MLA of theirs was working on a job with a monthly salary of Rs 2,000. He now owns Rs 20,000 crore. These people have looted so much. When we form the government, We will take accounts of every penny they have misappropriated in 27 years. We will recover this entire money by putting our hands in their throats. We will not spare anyone.”

Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Entire money of the Gujarat Government will be spent on the people and progress of Gujarat. When people go to government offices in Gujarat, they have to pay bribes to get the work done, be it for getting electricity or water connection, caste certificate or ration card, visiting Tehsildar’s or Patwari’s office. From December 15th, you will not have to pay a bribe to get work done in any government office. We will create such a system that you need not go to government offices at all. We have started a system in Delhi. You have to only give a phone call and tell the service you require. Someone from the government office will come to your doorstep to get your work done. People of Delhi and Punjab do not give even a single rupee to get their work done because there is an honest government. We will end corruption and save a lot of money to be spent on public welfare.”

He continued, “People of Gujarat have given me so much love. They consider me as their brother. Elderly consider me as their son, their family member. It is my promise that I will run the government as a member of your family and take all the responsibility. Firstly, I will get you relief from skyrocketing inflation. Your families are most troubled by inflation. After March 1st, you need not pay your electricity bills. Your brother Kejriwal will bear the expense. People in Delhi and Punjab get electricity 24x7 and zero electricity bills and. Likewise, you will get electricity 24x7 but not electricity bills from March 1st, 2023. Families pay around Rs 2,000-3,000 as electricity bill.”

He added, “You spend at least Rs 3,000 on the education of every school-going child of your family. If there are 3 children in your family, the expenses go upto Rs 10,000. You need not worry about their fees or stationery, I will bear the expenses. We have transformed the government schools in Delhi in just five years. We created a plan to have excellent schools in Gujarat like the ones we have in Delhi. We will build schools in every village. Children from poor as well as rich families will study together in government schools. In Delhi, children of rickshawallahs share benches with children of IAS and judges. Children of labourers are becoming doctors and children of rickshawallahs are becoming engineers and lawyers. They are reaching great heights in their careers. Think for yourself. When children of labourers become doctors, they will earn a monthly salary of Rs 3 lakhs. They will take their families out of poverty. It will be my responsibility to take care of the education of your children. You need not worry about their fees, stationery or dress.”

The Delhi CM said, “Hope everyone remains healthy and God forbid, if anyone falls sick in your family, I will take care of the expenses. Their treatment, test, medicine, operation will be free. We provide healthcare to everyone in Delhi free-of-cost. 2 crore Delhiites, be it rich or poor, belonging to any caste, children, men, women, get free treatment. We have built huge government hospitals of excellent quality. We have built excellent mohalla clinics. I have prepared an entire plan for Gujarat. We will build 20 thousand mohalla clinics. We will open new hospitals. Remember the time of COVID-19 pandemic. You all had to suffer a lot. You made so many phone calls to BJP but they did not pick your calls. You need not worry anymore. Your brother is here. I will arrange for your treatment no matter how much money needs to be spent. You spend around Rs 5,000-7,000 every month on treatment and you will save it from now on.”

He continued, “A lot of our sisters aged above 18 years want to go to college but they have to drop out because their father does not have money. We will give Rs 1,000 per month to every daughter, every woman, aged above 18 by depositing them in their bank accounts. If there are 3 women in a family, each of them will get Rs 1,000 per month separately. You will have a profit of Rs 3,000.”

He added, “If there is any unemployed youth in your family, we will provide an unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000 per month to each of them. I have provided 12 lakh jobs in Delhi in the past five years. Sardar Bhgwant Mann has created 20 thousand fresh government jobs in Punjab in the past six months. I will create jobs for your children. Till the time they don't get employment, they will receive an unemployment allowance. If two people in a family are unemployed, you will have a profit of Rs 6,000. Every family will have a profit of Rs 27,000 in total under the AAP government.

The AAP National Convenor said, “A few days ago, the Prime Minister visited Gujarat and announced a package of Rs 30 thousand crore. The day he made this announcement, all the ministers and contractors became happy as they got another chance to gobble up funds. What will the people get? Nothing. I cannot give you a package of Rs 30 thousand crore but I can get a profit of Rs 30,000 per month for every household.”

He continued, “Construction of Lord Ram Temple in Ayodhya will be finished next year. Everyone wants to have a darshan of Ram lalla. But the travel is expensive, especially with the family. In Delhi, I send people for pilgrimage to Ayodhya free-of-cost via special train from Rambhakts. The expense of travel, accommodation, food is borne by the Government. We will send each and every Gujarat for pilgrimage to Ayodhya free-of-cost when we form a government in Gujarat.”

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “I do not know politics. I am a well-educated person, an honest man and a deshbhakt. I do not know hooliganism, how to hurl abuses, indulge in corruption like these people. I only know how to build schools, hospitals. If you want corruption or hooliganism, go to those people. If you want treatment of your family members and education of your children, come to me. I will supply your electricity free-of-cost. I am an Engineer. If you want quality roads, come to me. I know how to build roads and I hate hooliganism.

He continued, “These people hurl abuses at me and say that I am giving everything for free. I am distributing free ki rewari. I want to ask everyone if every child taking birth in this country should get quality education free-of-cost or not? Every person taking birth in this country get quality healthcare free-of-cost or not? These people are against providing facilities to people free-of-cost because they are afraid that if I start giving education, healthcare and electricity to people free-of-cost, they will not be able to loot money. That’s why they oppose providing facilities to people free-of-cost. There will be no money left to gobble up. How can I charge money for providing education free-of-cost from my own family members? Our children are my children. How can I charge money for treatment of your family members? All of you are my family members. We belong to one family. BJP & Congress have opened shops where they are selling education and healthcare. They charge money for electricity and roads. These days, they also exchange money for trading MLAs. I have not opened a shop. I have established a relationship with you.

He asserted, “Both BJP & Congress have colluded. There is ILU-ILU going on between both of them. They hurl abuse at me together. They call me demon, thug, terrorist. Two days ago, I made a proposal to have the images of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi on currency notes. Did I say anything wrong? We will get their blessings and the country will prosper. I am not saying that merely putting the image will bring prosperity. People of the country will work hard as well. We will make strong policies as well. However, our efforts do not yield results until you have the blessings of God. BJP-Congress hurled so many abuses at me together. Will you tolerate the fact that they are abusing your brother, your son? You have to take revenge in the elections by pressing a button in front of the symbol of Jhaadu countless times.”

He added, “When I was coming to the venue, 10-15 youths started chanting “Modi-Modi” when they saw me. I consider them my brother and I have no animosity with them. You can raise slogans of whichever leader you want or vote for any party. But I will build schools for your children. When someone falls sick in your family then I will arrange for their treatment. One day I will win your hearts and bring you to AAP. I am not against anyone. Even if someone shows us black flags, we will treat their sick family members as well.”

Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “These people boast of a double-engine government. What was the need to have a double-engine. One engine got damaged and another one became old. Gujarat does not need a double-engine but a new engine government. There is a new engine in the market and that is AAP. It has the latest 21st century technology. It works excellently. It has fresh thoughts, fresh faces and new politics.”

He continued, “These days, even BJP workers are angry with their party. T They have become so arrogant after 27 years of reign. During COVID-19 pandemic, they called so many BJP leaders but they did not even pick their phones. They insult their own workers. BJP workers and Panna Pramukh are extremely angry. They want us to defeat them and break their arrogance. I ask them to join AAP. They said that BJP goons will trouble them and destroy their business. I requested them to stay in BJP. However, you can campaign for AAP internally. We have to work together to defeat the BJP.”

He concluded, “I want two promises from the people present here. We are winning 92-93 seats but we need to give a strong push. First, you have to message everyone in your contact list that you will be voting for AAP and also ask them to vote for AAP for the progress of Gujarat. Second, you have to prepare 100 people to vote for AAP by going to every doorstep in your village, your street. Something miraculous is happening in Gujarat. Goddess is showering her blessing. It appears that God is using his Jhaadu from heaven. I am optimistic that something grand, something very positive is about to happen in Gujarat.”

Addressing a Jan Sabha at Narmada, AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “In the past 27 years, BJP has done so much injustice to the Adivasis. Your panchayats do not have any power. You do not get any funds either. They did not enforce the PESA Act. When AAP comes to power, we will immediately enforce the PESA Act. Will will also enforce the Fifth Schedule. No one can purchase the Adivasi land or take their minerals without the permission of the Gram Sabha. The State Government will be bound by the decision made by the Gram Sabha.

He added, “BJP and Congress have colluded. You have to beware of both of them. Do not vote for Congress at any cost. The Adivasi community has brought Congress to power several times. What did you get? They sell your votes after winning elections and join BJP. They have an ILU-ILU relationship now. They are holding secret meetings at midnight. They plan about what abuses they have to hurl at me.”

He concluded, “We do not have money to contest elections. Neither I have any money nor does Sardar Bhagwant Mann. We are reaching out to each and every individual. We are working tirelessly and we need your support. You have given 27 years to them. I am only asking for a single chance. If I do not fulfil my promise, I will not come to ask for votes next time.”

During a Jan Sabha at Navsari, Punjab CM Sardar Bhagwant Mann said, “If they would have made good arrangements for health and education, built electricity, water and roads, raised the standard of living of the people in 27 years, then there was no need to cover the slums with tents during Trump’s visit to Gujarat. They are trying to fool people but the public knows everything. People are supreme in a democracy. They can make even the mightiest people fall flat on their faces. When you go to vote, remember that you have only 9 hours to choose the government which will stay in power for five years. You have only 9 hours to write the destiny of your children for 5 years. If you cast your vote responsibly, bring honest people to power, then your children will have a bright future and your families will come out of poverty. Now, every competent person is getting a job in Punjab, that too without any recommendations and bribes. We will run the government in a transparent manner in Gujarat. We walk the talk. If our government is formed in Gujarat, we will fulfil all our promises.

While addressing the Jan Sabha in Narmada, CM Sardar Bhagwant Mann said, “What was the benefit of demonetisation if I could not stop corruption and terrorism? Their diktats become the law. It should not happen like this. Gujarat needs Parivartan. Once the AAP asks for a chance, then people do not give a chance to anyone after that. Delhi is an example of this. Shri Arvind Kejriwal has become the Chief Minister of Delhi for the third time. No leader has the guts to say that if they don’t fulfil their promise, then do not vote for them. He has confidence in his work.

He added, “People have lost faith in Congress. They vote for Congress and then their MLAs go to BJP. Now the people of Gujarat have an option in AAP. We work with honesty and transparency. This time, the people of Gujarat will give themselves a chance and win. The AAP is a party of the common people. Punjab got 92 seats out of 117 and out of which 82 MLAs were first-time legislators. I also come from a common household. I became an MLA for the first time and people chose me as their Chief Minister. You have a button to bring progress now. Cast your vote on the button in front of the symbol of Jhaadu and give a chance to the AAP.”


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