Step brother gets 20 years in prison for raping a minor

June 06, 2023


June 6, Chandigarh:

The district court has sentenced the 27-year-old accused brother, convicted of raping a 14-year-old step-minor sister, to 20 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 70,000. The matter came to light when the minor was taken to the nursing home for examination due to abdominal pain, where she was found to be pregnant. In the beginning of the case, Panchkula police had transferred the case to Chandigarh by registering zero FIR. On the complaint of the victim, the Manimajra police station registered a case under section 376 of the IPC and the POCSO Act against the convicted convict and arrested him. Keeping his side on behalf of the accused in the court, he said that he has been framed. Although the allegations against him were proved in the DNA report. On the basis of the facts and statements that came to the fore, the court convicted the accused step brother and pronounced the sentence. In the case, the father of the convict told the police in his complaint that he had two sons from his first wife. He has a 14 year old daughter from his second marriage. Due to pain in his stomach, he was taken to the hospital for medical examination. Where she came to know that she is pregnant. The daughter came to know that the son of his first wife had carried out this heinous incident. After this he complained about the matter to the police.

The accused argued for reducing the sentence

On the basis of the complaint and the statements made by the police, the accused was arrested by registering a case against him. During the legal proceedings in the court, the accused kept his side and said that he was framed. Although the allegations against him were proved in the DNA report. That's why the court convicted him. The convict said that due to this case his career got ruined. He is a psychiatric patient and is undergoing treatment at PGI since 2012. Therefore, he should be given less punishment, but the court did not accept his arguments and sentenced him to 20 years.


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