Nishant Malkani says his ‘Pashminna’ character doesn’t believe in concept of love

September 27, 2023

Mumbai, Sep 27 (AGENCY):

Actor Nishant Malkani, who is set to essay the role of Raghav -- an astute businessman -- in the upcoming drama television show ‘Pashminna - Dhaage Mohobbat Ke’, has shared that his character in the show is sceptical about love's existence.

The show brings to life a beautiful romance between two people with very diverse beliefs.

Talking about his character, Nishant said: “Raghav is a captivating character in 'Pashminna - Dhaage Mohobbat Ke.' Professionally, he has a great sense of business and has always been entirely devoted to his work. However, regarding his personal life, he is sceptical about love's existence."

Raghav’s focus on his professional pursuits adds an intriguing dimension to his personality, making him a unique character.

The actor said: “As the narrative unfolds, viewers will witness a transformation in Raghav as he gradually begins to unwind the mysteries of love, realising its incredible potential. Raghav's journey from scepticism to embracing love's power is a central theme that adds depth and richness to the story, promising to engage and resonate with viewers throughout the series."

Sharing his experience of shooting for the show in Kashmir, Nishant said: “Filming in Kashmir was a special experience. The place is incredibly beautiful and has influenced how I acted as Raghav. Kashmir's peaceful and stunning scenery became a big part of Raghav's world in the story, making it even more enjoyable."

“As an actor, I found myself absorbing the calmness and grandeur of Kashmir, allowing it to seep into Raghav's persona. This natural backdrop became a silent, yet powerful character in itself, shaping Raghav's emotions and interactions. It provided a unique canvas for storytelling, enriching the narrative and making it even more captivating for the audience," he added.

‘Pashminna - Dhaage Mohobbat Ke’ will premiere in October on Sony SAB.


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