Arijit Singh's 'In Raahon Mein' from 'The Archies' is vibrant ode to 1960's classic rock

November 21, 2023

Mumbai, Nov 21 (AGENCY):

Singer Arijit Singh's latest song for ‘The Archies’ titled ‘In Raahon Mein’ has finally dropped, and it is one great ode to 1960’s classic rock’n roll while also really channeling the vibrant energy of teenage friendships.

Very retro, the song fuses the 1960’s rock music with the sensibilities of Bollywood music, creating a new sound altogether.

The live-action musical by Zoya Akhtar of the popular American comic book series of the same name is something that has been in the making since 2022.

Mixing in the style of classic rock bands like Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Credence Clearwater Revival with the sensibilities of Bollywood music, ‘In Raahon Mein’ is creatively both old and new.

Bringing the comic book series through an Indian perspective, the world of ‘The Archies’ revolves around both teenage friendships, and rock’n roll.

The sneak peek of Arijit's live performance in the Etihad Arena in the UAE’s skyscraper-filled capital city of Abu Dhabi brought out the familiar taste of rock music, but this time from an Indian style, and it was very well received.



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