'Bigg Boss 17': Sana Raees Khan doesn't let Ankita sleep with hubby Vicky in 'Dimaag' room

November 23, 2023

Mumbai, Nov 23 (AGENCY):

After the 'tabadla' in the 'Bigg Boss 17' 'mohalla', there has been a shift in dynamics. In the latest episode, Vicky Jain and Sana Raees Khan were seen getting into an argument and the reason is as bizarre as it can get.

In the latest episode, Sana did not let Vicky and his wife Ankita Lokhande sleep together in the 'Dimaag' room, which led to a heated argument. Sana gives the reason that she cannot sleep in the 'Dil' room as there is a lot of light.

Other members of the 'Dimaag' room such as Anurag Dhobal, Arun Mahshetty and Sunny Arya offer Sana their bed but all goes in vain as she does not agree.

Vicky gets annoyed and Sana says he should be thankful instead he has been behaving very rudely towards her. Ankita handles the situation, she thanks her from Vicky's end and she goes back to her room. Vicky ends up sleeping on the single bed.


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