A big step of the education department regarding the schools of Punjab, these strict orders have been issued

December 02, 2023

Ludhiana, December 2:

While the mouth of the treasury has been opened by the Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Maan for the provision of basic facilities in the government schools of the state, the government is also taking the report of the facilities provided to the children from the district education officers and school heads. This is the reason that the funds being released by the government for the improvement of the schools, how fast they are being used or not. Education department teams are visiting schools to check this. According to the information, many schools are being lax in spending these funds released by the government. According to the information, the department has received information from various districts that the funds that were released for fencing in many schools have not been spent so far and neither have they started to fence.

Along with the order of the department to install boundary walls in the schools, proposals have also been sought from the heads of the schools in which the boundary wall is being repaired or the height of the boundary wall is not in accordance with the standards issued by the department. The letter has clearly stated that after sending the proposal, if a school is found without a boundary wall, then the center head teacher for primary schools and the school head for upper primary schools will be responsible. To ensure this, a certificate should be obtained from the Center Head Teacher for Primary Schools and Head of School for Upper Primary Schools and Deputy District Education Officer of the concerned district that no school in their district is unfenced.

If there is a lack of fencing in a school, then its report should be ensured by December 12. If not, appropriate action will be taken against the concerned District Education Officer as per rules. Along with this, a committee has been formed by the department for the color coding of the boundary walls to be built in schools and the selection of slogans to be written. Instructions are being issued in this regard soon, in schools where dry and unprotected trees are standing, they will ensure to send a report to the head office by taking immediate action as per the letter issued by the school department.

Provision of furniture for all students
The department said that all district education officials will make sure provision of dual desks for all students studying from pre-primary to 12th class in government schools of their district. No student will sit on the ground in primary and upper primary schools. To ensure this, a certificate will be taken from the center head teacher for primary schools and the head teacher for upper primary schools and the deputy district education officer of the concerned district that no student is sitting on the ground in any school of their district. If there is lack of dual desk in any of their schools, then it should be ensured to send the report by December 12.

The rooms should be constructed with the best materials
The education department has issued instructions that the schools should use an amount of Rs 7.51 lakh for the construction and improvement of the rooms due to the increase in the rate of materials and labor used for the construction of the rooms under NABARD. Therefore, good quality materials such as paint, ceiling and lighting should be used. If the money is saved after the construction of the rooms, it can be used to buy furniture for students to sit on.


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