Triptii Dimri on ‘Animal’: Cinema’s about free artistic expression, it should be that way

December 07, 2023

New Delhi, Dec 7 (AGENCY):

Actress Triptii Dimri, who has created a big impact with a small role in the blockbuster movie ‘Animal’, said that cinema is about free artistic expression and added that she submitted to the director's vision for the film, although it has been tagged misogynistic.

The film is filled with violence, romance, and intimacy. With polarised views coming on 'Animal', does she feel the film was misogynistic in any way?

Triptii, who has been crowned as the new national crush, told IANS: "I think cinema is about free artistic expression, and it should be that way.”

She then cited two examples. “When I did the rape scene in 'Bulbull' and when I did the suicide scene in 'Qala,' there were a lot of people who reached out to me and said that I should not have performed that scene because it's not a pleasant scene, or you should not have done the suicide scene because it can make people take that step in life.”

The actress said that if those scenes were not added, then it would not have made sense.

“So, I think similarly, here, the scenes that people are talking about, they were an integral part of the story, and we had to add those. Those things had to be there for the entire film to feel complete,” added Triptii.

The 29-year-old actress, who in just seven days from the release of ‘Animal’ went from over 600K followers to 2.4 million, said that for her, it is really important as an actor, to not judge the character that she is playing.

“I think this is something that I've learned in my acting classes from my acting coach: that every time you do a character, you're given a character to play, play it with utmost honesty,” said the actress, who made her debut in 2017.

She added: “Even if your character is killing people or your character is doing something bad or harming someone, you have to feel everything that the character is supposed to feel because he's also coming from someplace, and in his head, the actions that he's taking are justified.”

Triptii said that she is not like her characters 'Qala’, 'Bulbul,' or 'Zoya' and she as a person don't agree with what they have done.

“I would not have done in my life. But in that situation, in that moment, I have to submit to the director's vision, and I have to do what the character and the script demands of me and do it with full honesty, because people have a right to present their opinion. That is why we make films; that is why every film should be discussed,” said the actress, who featured in Forbes Asia's 30 Under 30 list of 2021.

Triptii agrees that people can have views about their likes and dislikes.

“There can be people who love the film; there can be people who don't like the film; there can be people who have issues with the film, and it's okay. Everybody's opinion is equally important. People who do not like the film and who are finding problems in the film, they are as correct as people who are not finding anything wrong with the film,” she said.

Triptii finds it great that people are talking about the film.


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