BBSBEC Celebrated International Mother Language Day 2024 with Vibrant Cultural Event

February 23, 2024

Sri Fatehgarh Sahib/23 February:
(Ravinder Singh Dhindsa)

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College (BBSBEC) commemorated International Mother Language Day 2024 with a colorful and diverse events held in the college Auditorium on 21 February 2024. The event, organized by the Literary Sopciety  under the Department of Applied Sciences, showcased the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of India. Principal Dr. Ramandeep Kaur , a distinguished guest and an eminent academician, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, adding prestige to the celebration. Speaking on the occasion she  highlighted the significance of promoting linguistic diversity and preserving mother languages. Addressing the students, Principal Dr. Lakhvir Singh lauded the efforts of the organizers and participants in organizing such a culturally enriching event. He emphasized the importance of celebrating linguistic diversity and fostering a sense of pride in one's mother language.The festivities included a plethora of activities reflecting the linguistic diversity of India, including Poster Making, Poetry Competition, Singing Competition, Dance Competition, and Poetry Translation Game. These activities showcased a range of languages, including Punjabi, Hindi, Dogri, Maithali, and Bhojpuri, among others.Participants enthusiastically displayed their creativity and talent, with each competition reflecting the unique nuances and flavors of different languages. The Poster Making competition showcased vibrant artwork depicting the essence of mother languages, while the Poetry Competition resonated with heartfelt verses in various regional languages. The Singing Competition captivated the audience with melodious renditions of traditional folk songs, while the Dance Competition mesmerized with captivating performances reflecting cultural diversity. The Poetry Translation Game challenged participants to showcase their linguistic skills by translating poetry into different languages, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. The event culminated with an expression of gratitude to all participants, organizers, and attendees for their contributions in making the International Mother Language Day celebration a grand success. The event served as a reminder of the importance of linguistic diversity and the need to preserve and promote mother languages for future generations. BBSBEC remains committed to nurturing cultural diversity and fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates the rich tapestry of languages and cultures in India and beyond. Dr. Gursewak Singh Brar HOD (EE) and Dr Amritbeer Singh HOD (Applied Science) was also present at the occasion.


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