One-Day Workshop on the Impact of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Gramin held at DAV College Chandigarh

February 23, 2024

Chandigarh, 23 February (Agency) :  The Dept. of Geography organized a one-day workshop focusing on the impact of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Gramin (PMAY-G) on the lives of beneficiaries in the SAS Nagar District of Punjab here at the College premises today. The workshop aimed to bring together stakeholders, beneficiaries, and policymakers to discuss the transformative effects of this flagship scheme, after the successful completion of a short project of the same nature carried out by the Project Director, Dr. Rajan Bhandari.

The PMAY-G, a Central Government initiative, has been instrumental in providing affordable housing to the rural poor across India. In the SAS Nagar District of Punjab, the scheme has significantly improved the living conditions of numerous families, providing them with safe and secure housing.
The workshop featured presentations by beneficiaries, sharing their personal experiences and the changes brought about in their lives by the PMAY-G.

Project Director, Dr. Bhandari apprised the audience that during this study Mr. Balinder Singh (Field Investigator) found while interviewing the beneficiaries that all of them were very happy with the direct bank transfer of the amount sanctioned to them under the scheme. Giving credit to the Central Government for implementing this scheme, which was the largest social welfare scheme of its kind in the world, the beneficiaries suggested that the amount provided should be enhanced in view of the rising construction costs. They also suggested that since the scheme was helping in the inclusion of the marginalized sections of society, better transparency checks and redressal mechanisms should be put in place for the better implementation of this flagship scheme.
Chief Guest, Prof. Sanjay Kaushik, while addressing the gathering, remarked that it was for the first time that he saw the beneficiaries' active participation in a study of this nature having far-reaching socio-economic ramifications.
Prof. Smita Bhutani, Department of Geography, P. U. Chandigarh, Prof. Amit Chauhan, DSW, PU Chandigarh, Prof. Gaurav Kalotra, P. U. Chandigarh, and Dr. B R Thakur, Asst. Prof. HPU Shimla, Prof. Prashant Gautam, UIHTM were among the dignitaries invited to deliberate on various aspects of the scheme and their implementation thereof
Policymakers and administrators discussed the implementation strategies, successes, and challenges of the scheme in the district. The event also provides a platform for open dialogue, encouraging participants to share ideas for enhancing the effectiveness of the PMAY-G.


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