Candle march will be taken out today on Shambhu and Khanuri border: Sarwan Singh Pandher

February 24, 2024

24 Feb:

In order to meet the rightful demands of the farm laborers, the torture by the government is continuing due to the continuous struggle on the Shambhu and Khanuri border of Haryana, which started on 13th February against the Modi government of the Centre. In the late evening press conference informed that In the days to come on these borders, candle marches will be taken out across the country on the evening of February 24 in memory of Shaheed Shubkaran Singh and three other martyred farmers. He said that farmers across the country will be made aware by a WTO conference on February 25 at Shambhu and Khanuri border, on February 26 effigies of the World Trade Organization will be blown in all the villages of the country and at 3 pm in Shambhu and Khanuri. Big effigies will be blown up at the border.

He said that on February 27, national level meetings of both forums will be held at Shambhu and Khanuri borders and on February 28, a joint meeting of both forums will be held, after which major decisions of the movement will be announced on February 29. He said that the agitators have till now very meekly and patiently resisted the repression of the government and foiled the attempts of incitement by the government and the pro-government media. He said that it is our clear statement that going to Delhi is not a question of our unwillingness. If the government accepts all the demands, then the agitators will go back, but without accepting the demands, the call for the Delhi march cannot be withdrawn. He said that the government is undermining democracy and its action is being watched by countries all over the world. He appealed to the people across the country to reach the front in maximum number and said that on this occasion it is time to leave the personal interests and work and fight the battle of the country's farmers.


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