World University organises a seminar on Breaking Barriers in Biomedical Exploration

March 01, 2024
Sri Fatehgarh Sahib/1 March :
(Ravinder Singh Dhindsa)
A seminar on "Breaking Barriers in Biomedical Exploration: A Journey through Optical Tissue Clearing and Spatial Molecular Mapping" was organised at Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University Fatehgarh Sahib.In a groundbreaking talk Dr. Harsharan Singh Bhatia, from Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany discussed the fusion of optical tissue clearing and spatial molecular mapping for advancements in biomedicine. The event, organized by the Research Development Cell presided by Prof (Dr.) Sukhwinder Singh Billing, Dean Research, whose insightful address set the stage for an engaging session.Prof. Billing acknowledged the significance of Dr. Bhatia's expertise and the revolutionary impact of optical tissue-clearing techniques in biomedical research. He emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations and highlighted the University’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for cutting-edge research. Prof Billing's welcome address underlined the institution's dedication to facilitating dialogues that transcend disciplinary boundaries and contribute to the collective pursuit of knowledge.Dr. Bhatia's talk delved into the transformative impact of optical tissue-clearing techniques, allowing deep imaging of large tissue volumes without laborious sectioning. He introduced DISCO-MS, a method combining optical clearing, image analysis, robotic-aided tissue extraction, and mass spectrometry. This revolutionary approach provides indistinguishable proteome data from uncleared samples, opening new avenues for comprehensive 3D tissue examination and unveiling diagnostic and therapeutic prospects for complex diseases like cancer, metabolic dysfunctions, and neurodegeneration.The event, coinciding with National Science Day, was further appreciated by Prof Pritpal Singh, Vice Chancellor, who commended the Research Development Cell for their exemplary efforts in organizing this impactful talk. Prof Singh highlighted the event's role in promoting scientific awareness and its alignment with the University’s mission to produce globally competent and socially responsible professionals.

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