Congress's drama in Assembly today was very unfortunate: AAP

March 01, 2024

Congress wants to get political benefits from the pyres of our farmers: AAP leader Bubby Badal

Congress, while being in power, did nothing for our farmers, now they are shedding crocodile tears: Bubby Badal

Congress leaders didn't let the governor address the assembly today, they cannot digest the talk of Punjab's progress, says AAP leader

Chandigarh, March 1 (Agency) :  The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab strongly criticised the ruckus created by the Congress party leaders in the Punjab legislative assembly today and said that it was very unfortunate that Congress leaders didn't let the governor address the assembly.

Addressing a press conference from the party office in Chandigarh on Friday, AAP Leader Harsukhinder Singh Bubby Badal said that Congress leaders are doing drama because everyone knows that Congress has never been a pro-farmers party and had done nothing for our farmers. He added that Congress leaders even claiming to be caring about farmers is laughable because while being in power they never took any steps for the betterment of the farmers.

He further said that it was a solemn occasion in assembly today when we were paying tribute to the departed souls, particularly our martyred farmer Shubhkaran Singh, but Congress's insensitivity during this time is very saddening. He said that Congress wants to get political benefits from the pyres of our martyred farmers. They don't care about the farmers or the agriculture sector, they only care about their votes.

He asked that the Congress leaders who are shedding crocodile tears now, where were they when more than 750 farmers died in the last agitation, when Captain Amarinder opened fire on protesting farmers in Sangrur. What the Congress government did for the families of these farmers. He said that the Punjab government filed an FIR in Shubhkaran's case, and gave him martyr status, is giving RS 1 crore to his family and a government job.

He said that the other reason why the Congress didn't let the governor deliver his speech because the Governor was going to talk about the achievements of the Mann government in the last two years. Bhagwant Mann led AAP government has done more for Punjab and Punjabis in just two years than the Congress has done in 50 years. Congress leaders cannot digest Punjab's progress so they created a ruckus and didn't let the governor talk.



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