University School of Law Organizes Three-Day Training Program on New Criminal Law & Cyber Security

April 12, 2024

Sri Fatehgarh Sahib/12 April:
(Ravinder Singh Dhindsa)

The ADR Centre at University School of Law, in collaboration with the Women Grievance Redressal Cell and IIC Desh Bhagat University, successfully organized a three-day Training Program on New Criminal Law & Cyber Security. The program  saw enthusiastic participation from 30 participants keen on exploring the evolving landscape of criminal law and cybersecurity. The primary aim of the program was to delve into the benefits and significance of the recent changes in Criminal Law as well as to discuss measures for enhancing cybersecurity and protecting digital assets. On the first day, Dr. Arti, Assistant Professor, delivered a comprehensive lecture on Bharatiya Nayay Sanhita (Indian Penal Code) highlighting its benefits and the evolving concepts within Criminal Law. The second day featured Dr. Prabhjot Kaur, who elucidated the importance of the BNS New Criminal Procedure Code, providing insights into its practical applications. On the concluding day, Dr. Anu Mutneja, Assistant Professor, shared valuable knowledge about the IT Act and its role in establishing the credibility of evidence in legal proceedings.Throughout the program, discussions revolved around the changing provisions and newly inserted clauses related to audio-video electronic communication, punishments, and safeguarding the interests of women, children, weaker sections, and persons with disabilities.The participants gained a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles governing criminal justice administration, with a special focus on gender equality—a core aspect of our new criminal laws. Dr. Arti and Manpreet Kaur diligently coordinated the program, ensuring its success and enriching experience for all involved.


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