Rana Hospital Promotes Election Awareness

May 23, 2024

Sri Fatehgarh Sahib/23 May:
(Ravinder Singh Dhindsa)

Rana Hospital, Sirhind, held a press conference today to launch an election awareness campaign aimed at encouraging voter participation. The campaign emphasizes the importance of voting and civic responsibility.The right to vote is a precious gift earned through the sacrifices of our brave freedom fighters, who valiantly fought for the independence of our nation. Their unwavering dedication and selfless sacrifice laid the foundation for the democratic principles we cherish today. As we exercise our right to vote, let us honor their legacy and uphold the values of freedom, equality, and justice they fought so tirelessly to secure.Rana Hospital unveiled an awareness video emphasizing the pivotal role of voting in shaping the future of our nation. Additionally, they introduced a manual aimed at educating all their patients about the importance of civic engagement and voting. Furthermore, Riyasat-E-Rana, the renowned restaurant under the Rana Group umbrella, announced a special incentive for voters. In addition to the awareness video of Rana Hospital, Riyasat-E-Rana has introduced an exclusive sticker designed to inspire public engagement in voting. These stickers are intended for placement in Riyasat-E-Rana's Zomato packages and other delivery orders, serving as a gentle reminder of the importance of civic participation in the electoral process. Dr. Hitender Suri, prop. of Rana Hospital, stated, "Voting is not just a right, but a responsibility. Through this campaign, we aim to empower individuals to participate actively in democracy."Rana Hospital's campaign reflects its commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. 



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