Foreign portfolio investors bullish on Indian markets, pumps Rs 23,786 crore since June 10

June 22, 2024

New Delhi, June 22

Buoyed by the policy and reform continuity, foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) have altered their position in the equity market following the election results, injecting Rs 23,786 crore since June 10, industry analysts said on Saturday.

There are three primary reasons for this positive inflow.

"First, the continuity of the government assures ongoing reforms. Second, the Chinese economy is decelerating, as evidenced by a 12 per cent decline in copper prices over the past month," said Sunil Damania, Chief Investment Officer, MojoPMS.

Third, certain block deals in the market have been eagerly taken up by FPIs.

"However, these FPI inflows are concentrated in a select few stocks rather than being widespread across the market or sectors," Damania said.

Till June, FPIs sold equity for Rs 11,193 crore.

According to market experts, it is interesting to note that this net sell figure is composed of selling through the exchanges for Rs 45,794 crore and buying through the "primary market and others" for Rs 34,600 crore.

FPIs are selling where valuations are high and buying where valuations are reasonable.

Analysts believe that FPI inflows will remain constrained due to the high valuations currently commanded by the Indian equity market.

Meanwhile, the Indian market initially continued its upward trend as concerns over election outcomes eased and global sentiment improved.

With a coalition government in place, there is optimism that the upcoming budget will strike a balance between growth initiatives and populist measures, they noted.


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