Sangeeta Jindal's JSW Foundation pledges support for Kochi Biennale

February 20, 2023

Kochi, Feb 20 (Agency) : Sangeeta Jindal, Founding Patron of Kochi Biennale and Founding Trustee of JSW Foundation, on Monday said that JSW Steel would have deep cooperation and support for Kochi Biennale, which is the pride of the country.

The outside funding available for Kochi Biennale is significantly less compared to other biennales around the world, including those in Asia.

Sangeetha Jindal, the founder, and trustee of Art India Foundation and Art India Magazine pointed out that the Kochi Biennale needs to be nurtured to a better standard.

"A collective effort is necessary to ensure the prosperous progress of the Biennale, which brings accolades to the country from around the world. Kochi Biennale should get liberal financial support from the government and other agencies. There are several such sources within the country itself. There should be proper utilisation of such resources," said Jindal.

"No praise and gratitude suffice for the dedication of those who keep Biennale vibrant, fighting numerous odds. It was an honor for JSW Steel to be part of creating the Biennale Pavilion designed by world-renowned architect Samira Rathod," said Sangita Jindal.

The fifth edition of the Kochi Biennale by now has won the hearts of many who came visiting the various venues and will continue till April.


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