Children will smell spices in the kitchen during summer vacation, will have to learn to make clay toys: Initiative of Haryana Education Department

May 27, 2023


May 27:

Children studying in government primary schools of Haryana will have to do some different kind of homework this time. The education department of the state has drawn a blueprint for homework, emphasizing on the process of learning instead of rote writing. These activities will connect children with the family and keep them away from mobile and TV. This homework will have to be completed with the help of the elders of the house. Children have to do at least 10 activities as homework.

The holidays from 1st June to 30th June are divided into 4 sections. As per the orders of the education department, it has been ensured that no money is spent on these activities. This homework is to be done throughout the month.

Children have to do this work
Remembering 10 mobile numbers of family members
Go to the vegetable market with your parents and write the rates of 10 vegetables on the notebook.
helping family with household chores
Remembering the names of parents, grandparents, maternal grandparents, Sarpanch of your village, your corporator, MLA, education minister of the state, chief minister, governor, prime minister and president of the country
Memorizing the names of spices available in the kitchen and identifying them by smell and tasteMemorizing the names of utensils available in the kitchen and knowing the quantity of ration (flour-rice-dal)
remember at least three riddles
cleaning and counting fruit seeds
Planting Ghee, Zucchini, Tinda seeds in pot and assessing their progress
Sprouting pulses like moong, gram etc., taking their photos daily and measuring their length
Remembering your Aadhaar Number, District/State/Country Name
Measuring the height of the entire family members. feed the birdsTo know about the sweets made by grandparents at the time of their marriage. Getting information about the rate of gold and silver at that time
memorizing a prayer, hymn and word
Memorizing five jokes and playing games like Snakes & Ladders, Carrom
Waking up early in the morning, folding the bed, doing yoga, doing Surya Namaskar
Calculating how many years are made by adding the ages of all family members
Creating a family tree with grandparents
Keeping a day's fast from TV-mobile and not watching mobile and TV while eating foodFinding out some holidays of the year by counting the number of Sundays and holidays in the year by looking at the old calendar
Kneads, dries and colors clay toys
Details of where you went on vacation and which cities you visited on the wayHow many steps away is the park, temple, market from your house? keeping a record of how many steps you walk each day
Keeping record of how many kilometers father's motorcycle/car runs, how much petrol is put in it
Remembering your village, street, locality, ward name and pin code



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