Another western disturbance will be active again, chances of rain again, alert issued

May 30, 2023


May 29:

A new Western Disturbance will be active in the northern mountainous regions on Monday. Due to its effect, there are chances of rain in Haryana till May 31. Regarding this, the IMD has also issued a yellow and orange alert in the state till June 1.

Meteorologist Dr. Chandramohan told that the weather in Haryana, NCR and Delhi is continuously changing. Western disturbances are becoming active one after the other over the northern mountainous regions. If a Western Disturbance moves ahead, a new Western Disturbance is becoming active behind it. For this reason, change in weather is being seen in Haryana, NCR and Delhi in the last 15 days.

During this, gusty winds, light to moderate rain and hailstorm activities are being recorded at some places, due to which the temperature remained below normal. Pre-monsoon activities will continue over Haryana, NCR and Delhi during the coming three days due to another fresh Western Disturbance becoming active over the northern mountainous regions on Monday.

During this, there is a possibility of wind speed of 30-40 kmph, light to moderate rain and hailstorm activities at one or two places. Also, in the first week of June, pre-monsoon activities will continue in the northern plain states, especially in Haryana NCR Delhi, due to an active Western Disturbance.

The temperature remained below normal even on the fourth day of Nautpa
On Sunday, the temperature remained below normal on the fourth day of Nautapa. Light rain was recorded in Fatehabad district in the morning. However, the weather changed in the afternoon and dust storm occurred in many districts. During this, the maximum temperature was recorded between 33.0 to 38.0 and the minimum temperature was 20 to 24 degree Celsius.


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