An inebriated youth did pushups on the roof of the car, finished it and started dancing, 2 boys hanging in the windows

May 31, 2023


May 31 :

A video of drunkards creating a ruckus in Haryana's Gurugram district, which is the cyber hub area of Gurugram, has gone viral. It is clearly visible in the video that there are 5 youths in an Alto car, who are completely intoxicated with alcohol. A young man is doing pushups on the roof of a car and 2 are hanging from the windows of a moving car.

someone made a video viral
The people driving behind made a video and made it viral on social media, which reached the police and the police team took immediate action. Based on the video, the police registered a case against the first unknown. Then the car reached its owner by tracing the number HR72F6692. The vehicle belongs to Harish, a resident of Gurugram itself.

Vehicle seized, 2 arrested, 2 still absconding
According to Harish, the car was requisitioned by Daya Chand, his uncle's son, on the night of Sunday, May 28, which he returned at 4 a.m. the next day. After this the police caught Daya Chand and also arrested Suraj Dagar who was doing pushups on the roof of the car. Apart from this, there were Narbir and Kala, whose search is on. The car has been seized.

Police took immediate action
At the same time, an challan of Rs 6500 has been deducted for the car. When this was discussed with Traffic DCP Virendra Vij, he said that after taking cognizance of the video, we have taken immediate action in the matter. This type of act on the roads will not be tolerated at all. Because if an accident happens, the police would have been held responsible.


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