Leave fascination for chair: Randhawa to senior Raj Cong leaders

June 08, 2023


Jaipur, June 8 (AGENCY): 

Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, the Congress in-charge in Rajasthan, has triggered speculation by issuing an advice for the elderly leaders to "leave the fascination of power".

"Elderly people themselves should give up the fascination of power. This needs not to be mentioned, but milestones should be created automatically," said Randhawa while talking to the media in the Congress war room on Wednesday.

He said, "There cannot be a cutoff edge in politics. Congress is a party, which gives opportunity to the youth. Congress runs with experienced elderly leaders and youth. Keep on taking the youth forward."

On the question of excluding the elderly from the tickets as well, Randhawa said, "The one who is going to win will be given a ticket. This does not mean that if they become old, they will be thrown out of the house."


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