Mobile Book Van Initiative by Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama hosted by Readers Club of GGDSD College

November 23, 2023

23 Nov:

In a collaborative effort to promote a culture of reading, the Readers Club of Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College welcomed the 'Mobile Book Van' initiative by Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama. Positioned near the college library, the van offered a diverse collection of books, enriching the academic and literary pursuits of the student community.

This partnership reflects a shared commitment to fostering a vibrant intellectual environment within the college premises.

Dr. Ajay Sharma, Principal of the college visited the van and appreciated this initiative.

Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Head Librarian and convener of the club also appreciated the collaboration with the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama.

Students and faculty members from various disciplines actively explored the diverse collection offered by the mobile book van.


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