Narcotics department team caught 203 kg of powdered poppy, accused taking the truck from Rajasthan to Punjab.

December 06, 2023

Narnaul, 6 Dec:

The joint team of Narcotics Department, Hisar and Rewari has succeeded in catching the gang supplying stolen poppy on National Highway 148B in Nangal Chaudhary area of Narnaul. During this time the team has caught a canter filled with 203 kg. It is being told that the accused were going from Rajasthan to Punjab via National Highway 148B.


The team received information that a vehicle was being driven by Ashok Kumar, resident of village Basola, Panchkula. Data Ram of Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh is sitting with it. A car is running in front of this car, in which Harvindra, Harman and Jaggi Ram, residents of Basola village of Panchkula, are sitting. Both the above will pass through National Highway 148B.

After which the team of Narcotics Department, Hisar and Rewari conducted a checking campaign in village Budhwal of Nangal Chaudhary area. During this time, a canter was seen coming, which was searched and was found filled with poppy seeds. There were five persons in this canter, including four from Panchkula and one from Himachal Pradesh. The police have arrested everyone and registered the case.


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