Punjab State Power Corporation has started a major action against the defaulters

February 24, 2024

Ludhiana, 24 Feb :

Punjab State Power Corporation has started a major action against the defaulters. Department of S. E. Under the direction of Anil Sharma, more than 200 defaulters of the Powercom department in the areas of Agar Nagar, City West, Model Town, Janta Nagar and Dholewal to Sahnewal Road etc. under 5 different divisions by the teams of officials and employees of the Powercom department. Electricity connections have been cut while taking action against giving information S. E. Anil Sharma said that during the enforcement action taken by the department against the defaulters, the electricity board has recovered outstanding bills of Rs. 1.40 crore from the defaulters. He said that the electricity connections of more than 200 defaulters have been cut off during today's operation by the departmental employees.

In response to a question, Anil Sharma said that the departmental figure of outstanding recovery amount standing on the defaulters is very large, to recover which a campaign has been launched against the defaulters by the government and the top officials of the department. Anil Sharma has warned the defaulters in open words that they should come forward to deposit their outstanding bill amount in the government treasury of the Powercom department without any delay, otherwise the electricity connections of all the defaulting consumers will be cut off by the department. He said that the action against the defaulting consumers will be intensified in the coming days. He clarified that PowerCom officials or the government never want electricity consumers to face any kind of trouble. In such a case, to avoid any kind of action, the concerned consumers should pay their outstanding electricity bills immediately.

On the other hand, Axion Rajesh Sharma of City West Division said that during the operation conducted by his team in several areas near Chhwani Mohalla, Civil Line, Salem Tabri, Jalandhar Bypass Chowk, about 35 lakhs have been recovered from the defaulting consumers. He said that in the meantime, many recommended phones were knocked by the defaulting consumers of the department to put pressure on the officials and employees, but the electricity connections of the wrong people were cut off without any pressure from the team. Axion Rajesh Sharma said that due to the closing on March 31, this operation will continue continuously.


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