Aam Aadmi Party launches campaign 'Zulm ka Jawab Vote'

April 06, 2024

Get ready for Mission 13-0: Mann to volunteers at meetings in Moga and Jalandhar

The enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers decide the fate of a state and country: Bhagwant Mann

Mann thanked the AAP workers and volunteers for their love, trust and hard work

People are saying that I don't even have to campaign, our work has reached every household in Punjab, they will only vote for AAP: Bhagwant Mann

As soldiers of Arvind Kejriwal, we will carry the flag of truth and honesty across the country: Bhagwant Mann

They (BJP) think that by arresting Arvind Kejriwal, they can stop us, AAP came out of a movement, we cannot be stopped: Mann

The Aam Aadmi Party gave a platform to the common people, people of common background became leaders and chairmen in the AAP, says Mann

Punjab to be a hero, this time 13-0: Bhagwant Mann

Come together in these testing times, give AAP all 13 seats, one Bhagwant Mann used to shake the parliament, imagine what 13 will do: Sandeep Pathak

While Arvind Kejriwal is not here, our responsibilities and work is doubled: Dr Pathak

Chandigarh, April 6 (Agency) :  Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, blowing the election campaign bugle loudly, reached Moga and Jalandhar, on Saturday, to meet Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers and volunteers and asked them to get ready for winning all 13 seats in Punjab in upcoming LS polls.

Bhagwant Mann thanked the AAP workers and volunteers for their love, trust and hard work and said that the fate of a party, state and the country is in the hands of the volunteers who work tirelessly. He talked in detail with the volunteers of the party about the Lok Sabha elections and said that the volunteers should get ready as the party will win all 13 seats in Punjab. He said that the AAP candidate from Faridkot is Karamjit Singh Anmol who came from a poor family but touched heights with his hard work. His life was full of struggles but he achieved success.

AAP's national secretary and MP Rajya Sabha Dr Sandeep Pathak, AAP Punjab Working President Principal Budh Ram, Minister and Lok Sabha Candidate Gurmeet Meet Heyar, Minister and Lok Sabha Candidate Gurmeet Singh Khudian, Lok Sabha Candidate from Faridkot Karamjit Singh Anmol and Chairman (Mandi Board) Harchand Singh Barsat were also present in the meeting at Moga. In Jalandhar, apart from them, minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, minister Lalji Singh Bhullar, AAP candidate Dr Raj Kumar Chabbewal, minister Lalchand Kataruchakk, General Secretary Punjab Jagroop Singh Sekhwan, minister Anmol Gagan Maan, minister Balkar Singh, AAP candidate from Anandpur Sahib Malvinder Kang, AAP candidate from Fatehgarh Sahib Gurpreet Singh GP, minister Harbhajan Singh ETO, minister Bram Shanker Jimpa and other MLAs were also present.

Addressing the volunteers Mann welcomed the people of this revolutionary and sacred land who came to attend this meeting. He said that he said that he left Chandigarh at 10 AM but reached Moga at 2 PM because on the way at many places his convoy was stopped by the people to share their love, regard and blessings. He said that the people were so happy and in awe that a CM was stopping like this just to meet them. I stopped at 8 to 10 places and heard the same things from the people. They said that what we did in 2 years the parties did not in 70 years.

He added that today someone told him that 4 people got government jobs in his village without any recommendation or bribe. A person told me canal water reached his fields after 25 years. Another person told me his wheat crop is ready to harvest and it is the first season that he didn't have to go to fields at night to water the crop. Farmers got sufficient electricity in day hours for irrigation. A person told me that when the first electricity bill came to zero he thought it would be for 2-4 months but since 600 units of free electricity he is getting zero electricity bills only. I met a milkman who said that earlier people used to settle their accounts after three-four months and suddenly they started paying him every month, and people told him that zero electricity bills have lightened their financial burdens.

Mann continued that people are getting ration at their homes, people are able to access government services like registry and documentation at their door steps. He said that we don't have to pay anyone to hear the slogans like 'Modi-Modi', but we work in such a manner that people chant our slogans from their hearts. During the 2020 elections, Modi was doing a rally in Ramlila Ground and we were watching, I told Arvind Kejriwal to get ready to take oath, we will win because from the way the people were raising slogans it was clear that they will not vote for him, they had been brought on daily wages. The way Punjabis raise slogans tells in which direction the wind is blowing.

Bhagwant Mann said that the BJP got the misconception that if Kejriwal is put in jail, the Aam Aadmi Party will end, they do not know that Arvind Kejriwal is not the name of a person, Arvind Kejriwal is a thought. You can arrest a person and put him in jail but how can you imprison his idea? They don't know that this party is in Punjab and Punjab is the land of rivers and rivers make their own paths. Our ancestors fought for freedom, we are the heirs of the martyrs. We are ones who can fight for our freedom then we can fight to save our democracy and constitution too. So, the BJP should not live under any misconception that they will imprison our leader and can stop us. Arvind Kejriwal made this party out of a movement. Arvind Kejriwal made people of common background leaders and chairman. Dynast politicians act as they have exclusive access to big posts and politics.

Mann said that the work started from Delhi and the same voice reached Punjab, today there are 92 MLAs in Punjab and out of 92, 80 were first time MLAs, all belonging to common families. The opposition parties are complaining about how the common people reached assembly. In Sultanpur Lodhi, a vegetable cart vendor was appointed as the chairman of the market committee and he found when the media reached him to interview. Mann said that he is aware of every volunteer and worker who has been working for the party. Some are given responsibilities in party organisation and government and the rest will be given the chance to serve people too. Governments run out of people but never out of posts, everyone will get the opportunity to work. The Aam Aadmi Party gives platform and opportunity to everyone and now the common people believe that they can become leaders and chairpersons too.

To volunteers Mann said that there are sometimes issues in the family but for the time being we should look beyond them and get united to win by 13-0. I am the head of the family and I always stand with you. The People made me the Chief Minister, I asked for this job and I am not doing any favour to anyone by doing this work. When I sign a file I think how it will look on my volunteers, any decision that will put my volunteers into pickle cannot be pro-people or pro-Punjab. But now you can walk in your villages and towns comfortably because your government made zero electricity bills possible, gave 43,000 government jobs, regularised temporary and contract based employees, started Teerath Yatra Scheme, door step delivery is ensured and bought a thermal power plant. I do not sign any file that will put financial burden on the common people. I never leave a file, that holds, people who are responsible for looting Punjab, accountable. I sign it, get people's money back with interest.

Mann said that work is in progress and underground pipes are being installed so that canal water can reach every corner of every field. When we came, 21% of the canal water used to go to the fields, but today 59% of canal water is going to the fields for irrigation and in the coming days it will be 70%. There are 14.5 lakh tube wells in Punjab. And by providing canal water for irrigation, I intend to close at least 5-7 lakh tube wells this season. With canal water, underground water and electricity will be saved. I did not come to take share in mines and dhabas. If money was the matter, my name used to come among the big artists, I could have earned money in that field. Arvind Kejriwal ji and Sunita Kejriwal ji, both are IRS officers, both were commissioners of income tax and they too could have gotten money there if that's what we wanted but we want to work for the common people, for our state and for our country.

When I was an MP, on the martyrdom day of younger Sahibzadas, I went to the speaker and said that the parliament should pay tribute. He asked it in written form from me. On December 27, it is on record, tribute was paid to the Sahibzadas on record. On record means whether I am there or not, even after 5-10 years from now, when December 27 comes, the session in the Indian parliament will start by paying tribute to the younger Sahibzadas. Why do those who claim to be 'panthak' never demanded that in parliament. When they lose, then they suddenly remember 'panth'. Then they say 'panth' is in danger because Akali Dal lost but in reality Badals are in danger. They should worry about themselves only. They have nothing to do with Punjab, they are only fighting to save their family, they are not loyal to Punjab or Punjabis but to their own family and financial gains only. Mann quipped that he is aure that Bajwa, Navjot Sidhu, Majithia and Sukhbir Badal cannot even pass a Punjabi writing test. If they got 20/100 he will believe that they are well-wishers of Punjab. To our MLAs, who come from common and hard working families, they call what kind of material has come to the assembly, this is the kind of thinking they have for common people. On June 1st finish them for good. Give us 13 seats in Punjab then it will be our responsibility. With 13 AAP MPs in parliament, the centre won't be able to stop our funds.

Mann said that there was rumour that Bhagwant Mann is giving mandis to the rich when in reality they were giving mandis to capitalists since 2013 and I put a stop to it. We have enough government mandis for our crops. They start criticising me first thing in the morning after waking up then later they apologize when their accusations are proved lies and baseless. Jakhar said that Punjab's tableau was rejected because we put photos of Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann in it. I asked him to show photos and he had nothing because he was lying.

Mann said that the People have all the power in democracy. This is not a rally, this is a small meeting of volunteers, the day we held a rally, the opponents will lose all hope of winning any seat in Punjab. Modi thinks that he will put Kejriwal behind bars and finish the party but we are not afraid. The day before yesterday Sanjay Singh came out. The times of crises make us stronger only. It also weeds out the weak and disloyal people who are here only for selfish motives. Everyday lawyers go to meet Arvind Kejriwal ji and his wife also goes to meet him. He asks about Punjab and today we are starting election activities here. Your support and the sound of your applause will reach Arvind Kejriwal. You gave us 4 seats in 2014 and a historic mandate government in 2022. This time Punjab will be a hero, this time 13-0.

He added that we will make Punjab the number one state. 13 from Punjab, we are winning Kurukshetra, all the seats of Delhi , we are winning in Gujarat. There are already 10 AAP MPs in Rajya Sabha, when there will be 30-35 then no one will be able to stop our work, our funds and our tableau in the national parade. As soldiers of Arvind Kejriwal, we will carry the flag of truth and honesty across the country.

Come together in these testing times, give AAP all 13 seats, one Bhagwant Mann used to shake the parliament, imagine what 13 will do: Sandeep Pathak

Addressing the volunteers AAP Rajya Sabha member and party's general secretary Dr Sandeep Pathak urged the volunteers to come together in these testing times. He asked the workers to put aside their issues for two months and work to make the Aam Aadmi Party win all 13 seats in Punjab. He added that one Bhagwant Mann used to shake the whole parliament, imagine what 13 will do.

Sandeep Pathak invited all the party workers and volunteers to join the fast tomorrow at Khatkar Kalan in large numbers. He said that this party belongs to the people, wherever we registered a win it was thanks to the hard work of our volunteers. Today they are trying to break and finish our party. But Punjab does not tolerate oppression or injustice, Punjab responds. We have to answer injustice and oppression through our votes. We will win only when we are united. You made a huge majority government in Punjab, you made Rajya Sabha MPs of AAP, now I ask that you win us 13 Lok sabha seats too.

He said that when Bhagwant Mann was the only AAP MP, he used to shake the entire Parliament. If the MPs we are electing are not fighting for our rights, then what is the use of electing them. The question is not about the party but about the rights of Punjab. Punjab gave opportunity to all the parties and sent MPs of all the parties to parliament but they never raised their voice for Punjab and Punjabis. He said that now when Arvind Kejriwal is not here, our responsibilities and work is doubled. I work 24 hours a day and I urge you all too, to come together and work collectively to win all 13 seats in Punjab.


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